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Bringing Us Closer Together | LeanOnMe

Bringing Us Closer Together

Parents and Guardians
The most likely support structure for people with cognitive differences are parents and guardians.  These are the people entrusted to know the personal information, schedule, and daily needs of a LeanOnMe app user, and are well suited for entering information into the online database so that it will be present for the app user when needed.  Current medications?  Check.  Safe places to navigate my loved one to if lost?  Check.  Email address for me to be notified if my loved one is hurt?  Check!
Neighbors may be your closest friends, or simply people you wave “hello” at as you drive by.  But when supporting people with cognitive differences, it usually makes sense to get to know your neighbors and help keep watch for any emergency situation.  Has your loved one arrived home, unable to safely get inside?  Does the user know which neighbors to seek out if they are home alone and injured?  By entering in the names, addresses, and phone information for your trusted neighbors in the online database, that information will be readily available to the user on the LeanOnMe app.  No need to remember house numbers, first or last names, or their telephone number… it’s all there in the app.
School Officials
Up until our 22nd birthday, school for people with cognitive differences can be a major driver for appointments, therapies, job coaching, homework, tasks, and more.  Therefore the person managing a user’s account may give access to certain school administrators, teachers, or aids to try to coordinate activities.
Spiritual Advisers
For many families, a spiritual adviser is a core part of the support structure helping a person with cognitive differences successfully navigate through life safely.  LeanOnMe makes it possible to selectively include people to help extend your loved one’s independence.