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Frequently Asked Questions | LeanOnMe

Frequently Asked Questions about LeanOnMe

My family member isn't technical...

The LeanOnMe application for Android has been designed for non-technical people.  Some of our clients are much older and aren’t used to using smart phones.  Some of our clients of all ages have learning disabilities and may struggle to speak, read or write fluently.  Still others may have a degenerative disease or may have been the victim of a brain injury.  In all of these cases, LeanOnMe has been designed to provide easy access to features that help clients navigate their day, and to give assistance when people need it most.

Our goal is to build solutions that are smart enough that the user’s don’t have to be.

Is LeanOnMe easy to navigate?

The Android application has been designed with a very simple navigation structure.  Visual icons at the top of the app show the User how deep in the menu they have gone, it’s a snap to click any of the icons to go backwards, all the way to the Main Menu.

We designed LeanOnMe to work the same even as new versions of Android operating systems change things around!

What if the phone loses connection?

The LeanOnMe application has been designed to synchronize (copy) information from the online server to the local phone.  This means that even when cellular service or WiFi are out, most of the features of the application continue to work!

LeanOnMe was designed to provide local access to personal data even when offline.

How do I get User information INTO the app?

Parents, guardians, teachers, case managers, or other people collectively called “Helpers” use a web interface to enter a User’s information into the application.  Helpers can log in from any Internet connected PC, tablet, or smart phone to load or change key information such as “Safe Places”, “My Doctors”, emergency contact information, and more.  This information synchronized (copied) to the phone automatically.

We utilize website interfaces and Google’s GMail to make it easy to manage your loved one’s personal, calendar, and checklist information.

Why hasn't this already been done?

Some people assume that if this solution was possible, it would have already been done.  Not true!  Boiling down complex technologies for Web, Android, and Databases into a platform that supports both Users and their Helpers is a non-trivial task.  And the community of people with cognitive difficulties is often underserved until long after a technology has been utilized in other sectors.

It takes individuals with the technical savvy to do this work, AND who love and understand the people they are serving. 

LeanOnMe is a powerful way to bring some forward thinking and technology to bear in order to help people extend their independence.