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If you are truly a Social Entrepreneur… there must be NO QUIT in you. | LeanOnMe

If you are truly an Entrepreneur, and doubly so if you are a Social Entrepreneur, there must be NO QUIT in you.

Your idea may have to morph 10 times before you find a path forward. You might have to back up and try 20 different approaches. You might have to rebuild or patch or swap out tools and software you thought you had put a nail in 50 times before it’s all done. You might have to pitch your idea to 100 different individuals before you find one at the right point in their life to help you move the ball… or you might just have to carry the ball all the way over the finish line by yourself. But there’s no quit in you. That’s why you will succeed.

On that note, LeanOnMe could use some assistance from the community. We need assistance setting up a hybrid business model, as this is a tricky thing to do correctly. And we need some financial assistance to help finalize the software for field testing (all the screens on are functional, but we need some Quality checking and debugging before putting in people’s hands). If you are willing to help with either, in any fashion, please shoot me an email at

Thank you.


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