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LeanOnMe | Extending the Independence of People with Cognitive Differences

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“Extending Independence Wherever You Go”

Introducing LeanOnMe

A Technology Platform Extending the Independence of People with Cognitive Differences

LeanOnMe is a software platform that helps support people with cognitive differences.  Whether it is a lifelong need, such as with Down Syndrome, or due to a disease such as Alzheimer’s, people need some extra help from their loved ones and community to get by.

LeanOnMe consists of an application for a smart phone (the “app”), which uses the Internet to connect with a web console the parent, guardian, job coach, or other key people.  See more below…

Simple Menu System

From the very first screen, the LeanOnMe app was designed with ease of use in mind.

One of the more difficult things for our users is that new or updated phones come with new operating systems, which changes the way menus work.  “Do I hit the little button on the bottom left, or right, or something at the top of the screen?”

The LeanOnMe app brings simple to use Icons for the main menu, and Icons+Text for the sub-menus… all you need to navigate up or down.

Communicate Injuries Quickly with I'm Hurt

Communicate injury locations and pain levels quickly and effectively using graphic overlays.  Simply click on the body where you hurt, and on the second screen, click how badly you are hurt by selecting the most appropriate face.

The LeanOnMe app will automatically send an email to the Helper with the User’s current physical address, GPS coordinates, an image of the injury location, and a statement of how badly the User is hurt.

This uses the Wong-Baker “Pain Scale and pain levels

Know What's Next on the Today Screen

This information comes straight from the User’s Google Calendar events for the current day.  Generally speaking, this is something that a Parent or Guardian, or other Helper in a person’s life, maintains from their own phone or PC.

All of the appointments, whether single event or recurring, show up in the LeanOnMe app on the day they are supposed to.  Your calendar event name is listed right on the screen.

Events are color coded red and green to represent past and future appointments.

All events show how far away the event is in simple minutes, removing the confusion of having to mentally calculate hours and minutes across AM/PM boundaries.

Anything listed in the “Comments” portion of the Google Calendar event show up as information on the “i” More Information screen automatically.

Remember What To Do with Event Driven Checklists

Checklists, when tied to Calendar Events, are a very powerful solution for helping Users be successful throughout each day.  Arriving at work?  What steps are you supposed to complete?  Home from school?  Remember to let the dog out and then lock the door!


When a User completes any checklist, the Helper gets an automatic detailed email notification.

Get Back to Safety with I'm Lost

For some people, getting lost happens easily, and can be difficult to recover from.  If only something could point you back in the right direction to your church, your employer, or your home?

LeanOnMe provides two ways to get back to a known safe location.

A list of safe places provided by the Helper populates a LIST view and a MAP view.  They both use images the Helper uploads specifically for your loved one.  And on the Map view, it shows the User’s current location.

Neighbors List - a Great Asset!

Many of life’s troubles crop up while at or near our homes.  Having a list of known friendly Neighbors is a top asset for emergencies!

  LeanOnMe makes it possible to provide fingertip ready access to contact all available neighbors.  With one click, you are calling someone nearby. 

If you would like a real walkthrough of what LeanOnMe is and does, I personally walk you through my presentation in the video below, explaining capabilities in context.

The video doesn’t show properly on some platforms.  It can also be viewed here on YouTube…

Signup Today for Progress Updates and Upcoming Release Information

Connect with us and we will send you information about development progress, feature updates, and the upcoming release.  This will also make it possible for you to post to our upcoming discussion boards regarding this platform for people with cognitive differences.